Hello, my name is Iwan. Welcome to my website!


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The Author, or me, or Iwan, or whatever it is you want to call me.

I’m 28 years old, a terrifying thought. I’m coming to the end of a three year law degree, which has taught me, amongst a lot of other more useful and relevant things, that I don’t enjoy law. Before that I was in a band called The Automatic and you can read more about that here.

What am I up to now? Well, starting a job hunt soon for who knows what kind of job, another terrifying thought. I’m also fiddling about with tiny bits of music  (that’s right, by myself! I’ve taught myself perfunctory guitar abilities and everything!), doing sporadic running, and fighting of midnight attacks from an overly needy rag doll cat.

This website isn’t about anything particular at the moment, maybe its purpose will emerge as I begin to fill it up with posts. So far it’s just me waffling on about subjects that I find generally interesting; music, old-school exploration, outdoors-y stuff and that. I also occasionally repost stuff from over on my Tumblr blog, which you can look at too for lots of pictures of old Prog Rock bands and humorously captioned gifs and photo sets.

Anyway, for the time being at least it will be an amalgamation of things going on in my life as a drummer, law student, outdoors enthusiast and geek.

You can find out some more stuff about me here via the power of Wikipedia. It confirms I am a Welsh Drummer, Welsh Rock Musician, member of the Automatic, from Cowbridge, born in 1985 and most importantly a living person.

For now, thanks for stopping by!


Edit: I have been informed wikipedia is not a reliable source for anything, I may not actually exist.

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