Clearing out the cupboards

Recently I’ve been having a rummage around through the dankest recesses of my hard drive and I’ve hit upon a vein of unreleased and unheard The Automatic songs and recordings. They’re mostly from the sessions we did between This Is A Fix and Tear The Signs Down.

That’s almost four years ago. It’s pretty terrifying.

It seemed a shame to let them sit there, gathering dust, never to be heard. So, I’ve decided to start uploading them to Soundcloud and people who want to listen can listen. Otherwise it’s wasted effort, and if no one’s listening what’s the point?

There are a few other things like demos and sketches of songs that may go up as well. Some of them are pretty interesting and completely different from what most people have heard.

These aren’t new songs; I don’t think there will be any new The Automatic songs for a long time, if ever. Never say never though – I hear golden oldies heritage tours are good fun!


4 responses to “Clearing out the cupboards

      • wow sorry for the delay i honestly didnt think i would get a reply let alone the downloads!thanks so much it really means a lot that you did that!!😀 are awesome good sir!

  1. Thanks for making else downloadable. Even if it not new material it nice to hear some Automatics.

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